We partner with private shareholders and exceptional growth companies. 


Our Mission

We are a new kind of investment fund. Our sole purpose is providing liquidity and asset diversification to individual shareholders in market-leading, later-stage private companies. We focus on providing partial liquidity to company founders, angels, active or departed employees and corporate strategic investors. We also reserve primary capital to support our portfolio companies. We build partnerships. 

The Savano team has been a go-to resource for LifeLock and me since 2008 when they provided much needed liquidity to my departed co-founder. Since then, they have continued to be a constructive liquidity partner; but more importantly, they’ve been value-added business partners, and have stepped up on numerous occasions when the company needed financial support or advice.
— Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock (NYSE: LOCK)

How We Help


  • Minimize distractions from selling shareholders
  • Gain supportive shareholders in a non-dilutive way
  • Lead, price or co-invest in primary financings
  • Consolidate your cap table
  • Leverage our powerful network for customer and impact player introductions


  • Lock in gains from sweat equity
  • Diversify your holdings
  • Exercise options 
  • Optimize tax or estate planning 
  • Recycle earnings to start new companies

Savano brought an unusual ability to bridge the interests of my VC investors and board members with the interests of the Company’s management and founders. I’d recommend to any of my entrepreneur/CEO friends to find a way to work with the Savano Team.
— Sid Banerjee, CEO of Clarabridge